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The Soul Writer Journey

Looking for a powerful community of other writers for inspiration and education? Whether you need help structuring your book, writing your story, or staying accountable to finishing your manuscript, the Soul Writer Journey community is for you.

Wave-Making Author Mentorship

All of great benefits of the Soul Writer Journey community with next-level do it WITH you support through publishing, marketing, and public relations. Industry expert mentors to help you step into a wave-making author with confidence and ease.

Entrepreneurial Impact Author

For the mission-focused entrepreneurs desiring to make the biggest impact, a partnership that helps turn your story idea into powerful book branding with a publishing contract and two years of a book marketing and public relations team working alongside you. Application required.


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For Inspiration & Empowerment
Top 5 Secrets for Reader Engagement with New Authors featuring Allison Buehner of Burning Soul Press Book Publisher
5 Top Secrets for Reader Engagement with New Authors

Once you’ve written your book, how can you make sure those who need it most will know about your book? Now is the time to focus your efforts to reach and engage your ideal readers through the power of…

Book Marketing: Simple Ways to Find & Utilize Your Target Audience blog post by Claire Coffey of Burning Soul Press
Book Marketing: Simple Ways to Find & Utilize Your Target Audience

Book Marketing: Simple Ways to Find & Utilize Your Target Audience. Marketing for authors can be difficult! Here are a few simple ways to find and utilize your book’s target audience! The fi…

5 Top Secret PR TIPS to Reach and Engage with Their Target Audience Readers featuring Allison Buehner of Burning Soul Press Director of Strategic Communications
Writing: How to Harvest Your Best Story

And so we ask, how can you harvest your best story when writing? Firstly, I believe we grow into our dreams, and as we plant our inspirations and ideas onto paper, it is important to tend to them dail…


Who We Are

Burning Soul Press turns inspiring life stories into impact-driven, book-led movements that transcend our earthly life through the fostering of positive, generational change in this world. We help capture your experiences, perspectives, knowledge, revelations, and growth to empower others who need to hear your story the most. We specialize in book coaching, ghostwriting, publishing, and marketing to support changemakers in their journey.

Our mission is simple: We want to bring more empowering stories into the world to normalize the sharing of our truths, acknowledging the valleys and peaks of the mountains you’ve scaled, so your story can help others. It’s letting that burning soul within free, allowing yourself to be seen and heard for who you truly are, trusting your authenticity is enough—believing that you are enough.

Your journey chose you for a reason. Your unique author voice—your experiences, thoughts, values, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, heart, and soul—has the power to change another’s life forever.

Are you ready to share your story and fulfill your soul’s mission?

Welcome to Burning Soul Press.

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