Memoir Ghostwriting

Memoir Ghostwriting

Have you wanted to write a memoir but you don’t have the time or interest to write every word?  Ghostwriting or coauthoring may be the perfect solution for you. Have your completed book in your hands within 4-6 months and share your story with the rest of the world. 

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Soul Writers Mastermind

Do you have the desire to write a book, but aren’t sure how to get started, how to finish it, or what to do when it’s completed?  Join our virtual writing group to stay accountable to your writing goals and learn how to go from planning to publishing. 

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Soul (Book) Coaching

A book coach is your personal guide through every stage of the writing process that you may need help with and supports your journey by providing valuable advice, critiques, accountability, and cheerleading so you stay on track with your writing and publishing goals. 

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Soul Services

As an indie hybrid publisher, we can get your book on the market as an ebook, paperback, and/or audiobook with cover design, interior formatting, editing and more. All we need is your completed manuscript and we can work with you on the rest. 


Soulful Book Coach Masterclass

Become a book coach in this 12-week masterclass that equips you with the knowledge, resources, and education you need to attract the right clients and help them take their stories from just an idea to a published book that they’ve always dreamed about writing. 

Soulful Ghostwriter Masterclass

Ghostwriting equips people who have ideas and stories to share with the ability to bring them to life despite any limitations on their end to do so. A ghostwriter becomes a person’s confidant, their listening ear who will turn their story into the masterpiece they dream about.

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Virtual Writing Group:
Soul Writers Mastermind

Are you an aspiring writer with dreams of completing and publishing your book? 

Join our virtual writing group to help stay accountable to all your goals. Plus have the option to receive access to our vault of resources, checklists, coaching videos, and more to help you through the writing journey, from storytelling, development, design, publishing and marketing in this Soul Writing Mastermind program, a membership community of dedicated aspiring authors.

Memoir Ghostwriting

Have you thought about writing a memoir, but you’re not a writer? Maybe you don’t have the desire or time to write every word and want to entrust someone else to do it for you. Ghostwriting or coauthoring is the perfect solution. Hire someone else to tell your story exactly as you wish to, as though it’s coming straight from you. 

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