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Our CORE belief

At Burning Soul Press, we empower soul connections that only happen when genuinely embracing and sharing your incredible life's story to bring a new perspective, light, and hope to those who need to hear your message the most.

Our mission is simple: We want to encourage more people to step into their most authentic selves, acknowledging the valleys and peaks of the mountains they've scaled, understanding that our journeys have the power to help someone else, as we were all put on their earth to do. It's letting that burning soul within free, allowing ourselves to be seen and heard for who we truly are, trusting our authenticity is enough—believing that we are enough. 

That story idea on your heart chose you for a reason. Your unique author voice—your experiences, thoughts, values, beliefs, perspectives, emotions, heart, and soul—has the power to change a reader's life forever. 

At Burning Soul Press, we help women with entrepreneurial spirits and passionate messages to share write their stories and turn them into an even greater mission through publishing and launching powerhouse social-impact businesses. We believe in normalizing a woman's abilities to earn a six-figure+ life while doing what she loves, still spending time with those she loves, and stepping into her greatest strengths to help the causes most important to her. 

Are you ready to share your story and make a positive impact on this world? 

Welcome to Burning Soul Press. 

The Soul Writer Journey

A 12-month program guided by the Soul Writer framework, learn the power in sharing your story to write your book while also launching a business that drives home the social impact message you desire to share.

Next Class Starts January 1, 2021

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Mom, CEO, Author 

Lauren Eckhardt is a mom to two littles under the age of five, Executive Director of The Writing Champions Project, and an author, ghostwriter, book mentor,  and the CEO of Burning Soul Press LLC. She understands the passion to be and do more to align with your personal mission while still spending time with those that you love. It's why she's a nonstop advocate for the dreams of every single author in Burning Soul Press. 

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve thought about writing a book for a while, but could never get over the first few pages. When I met Lauren, I was instantly captivated by her passion. She helped me cultivate my story into what I hoped it would be, but couldn’t figure out how to do on my own. 

Sara D.

I hired Lauren to help me with my most recent manuscript and all I can say is WOW! She provided incredible insight into my storyline and my characters. Her insight launched my book to the next level and helped me fill in the empty gaps.

Natalie B. 

With this being my first venture as an author, I was 100% that person who would have questions popping up from other questions. This would have left me overwhelmed and possibly even caused me to quit. Thankfully Lauren and Burning Soul were there to guide me quickly and with all the help and resources I needed to stay on track.

Trevor C.

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