The biggest advice I can give when going for your goal(s) is this: take action. 

One of the most common questions I get is “what should I do to get to (here) in my life?”…. and my first question in return is, “what have you tried so far?” 

We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to do, but little of that time is taking directed action. Most of us get stuck in the “research phase” because it’s safe instead of putting anything we’re learning into play and trying it out. 

Most of you know I’m a sucker for visuals so here’s another one for you. 

Imagine trying to hit a target with a bow and arrow. 

There are two types of people at this point: 

Those who will pull the arrow back and aim, aim, aim, (stop to research the best methods), aim, aim, aim…… for years. 

Those who will pull the arrow back, aim, fire… and miss, but realize they’re only a half inch off from the bullseye. Pull the arrow back again, aim, fire… and miss, but realize they’re only three centimeters off. Pull back the arrow yet again, aim, fire… and hit the target. 

My point is this: Very, very few people can hit the bullseye the first time. You don’t know the adjustments you need to make on the path to your goal until you try it. Although research can help you be prepared, you won’t know your abilities until you try. 

You can spend years aiming, or you can just do it and find out exactly what needs to be tweaked to hit it spot on. 

Are you aiming? Or are you firing?