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Attract Your Fans With Professional Author Branding & Book Launching

Publishing through a small press adds credibility to your book. Take out all the guesswork and let professionals polish and launch your book while providing guidance on your personal brand.

Want help with only a few services? Check out our a la carte menu below for details.


Embrace Your Author Brand



Professional Editing & Proofreading


Selling & Advertising


Visually Beautiful Inside & Out


Book Distribution in Various Formats 


Build & Nurture Your Fanbase

Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?

Publishing through BSP

Burning Soul Press

As a small press publisher, we believe in backing passionate writers and impactful stories. We work closely with every author through the most important steps of book development, publishing, and marketing to ensure a professional and strong launch for their indie career and that their book stays authentic to them. 

Our fee structure is simple: 50/50 split on net royalties. That’s better than traditional publishers while getting the full support you need in your author career.

To query:

Send an email with your synopsis, page count, genre, title, and first ten pages to 

Please allow 2 – 6 weeks for a response.

Services through  BSP

a la carte Services

As an alternative to being accepted in our program, Burning Soul Press also offers a variety of services for indie authors to help make their path to publishing easier.  Use the drop-down lists below to learn about what we offer, then send us a message to get a quote. 

Become More Than Just Another Book


Embrace your personal brand with a book cover that aligns with you as an author and your genre. Professional interior formatting adds to the visual appeal and can include maps and illustrations if they’re appropriate to your book’s market.

Book Cover Design = $500

Interior Formatting = $100 

Website Starter Package = $1,000+


Receive professional editing and proofreading plus feedback from a trusted group of beta readers so that your book stands up to the competition.

Editing & Proofreading packages start at $1,500 and depend on genre and word count. 

Beta Reader services start at $50. 


If you want your book to be listed under the Burning Soul Press imprint to add to the credibility of your book, make sure to submit a query to become an author of ours.

We can produce your book in any format—ebook, paperback, hardback, or audiobook. 

eBook & Paperback Creation: $500

Audiobook Creation: $5,000

Add Your Own Bowker ISBN: $50 each 


Receive step-by-step guidance on how to market your book, so you grow your fanbase and nurture their anticipation for each new release.

Marketing packages start at $200

Full-Service Book Service

Let us take care of everything above in one package to make the process easier one you. Prices start at $10,000+. 

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