Memoir Ghostwriting

Do you have a story to tell? 



Have you thought about writing a memoir, but you’re not a writer? Maybe you don’t have the desire or time to write every word and want to entrust someone else to do it for you.

Ghostwriting is the perfect solution. Hire someone else to tell your story exactly as you wish to, as though it’s coming straight from you.

Either choose to ghostwrite (your name is the only author, not the ghostwriter) or co-author (both names are listed on the book). 


Meet Your Ghostwriter

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning Young Adult and Women’s Fiction Author, Executive Director of The Writing Champions Project, and ghostwriter and publisher at Burning Soul Press

With a psychology background and 15 years of talent and leadership development experience and education, Lauren is an expert interviewer at getting to the heart of the story clients want to convey and understanding their voice behind the words.  

Ghostwriting Package: What’s Included

      • A professionally-produced book (up to 80,000-words) telling your story in your voice (added picture inserts optional)

      • Up to 30 hours of interviews (working with you at various points throughout the project to gather your story)

      • Three consultation calls (initial, mid-point, end product) to walk you through every stage of the process and discuss strategy

      • Up to 15 hours of research to contribute facts and details associated to your story

      • Professional editing and proofreading

      • Interior layout design

      • Full-color book cover selected by you from 5 choices

      • US copyright registration

      • 2-3 ISBNs (one for each format)

      • Availability on all online retailer platforms in ebook, paperback and hardback (audiobook available for additional $5,000)

      • 100 paperback copies delivered directly to you

      Standard Package 


      (Additions and modifications available. Without publishing package price is $50,000.)

      How would it feel to hold your completed memoir in your hands and share it with the rest of the world?

      Average project time is 4-6 months from the first interview to the completed book.

      Ready to get started? Fill out the form below and Lauren will be in touch to schedule a time to chat more.

      Please note, due to the intensity of the projects, I only take on 5 memoir ghostwriting projects each year.
      Be sure to book with me early to grab a spot. 

      Interested in having a business or self help book ghostwritten/co-authored?

      Message me below about your request. Business/self-help book packages start at $35,000, dependent on scope and content already collected. 

      Let’s Write a Book!

      Lauren Eckhardt