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Burning Soul Press is currently closed for submissions.
(We will reopen August 2021.)

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Publishing Made Easy
through DreamSpark Publishing

Publishing a book can be scary—so we want to make it simple.

Whereas Burning Soul Press is only open for submissions twice per year, DreamSpark is available year round to put your author dreams in motion. Get a team of publishing professionals in your back pocket guiding you through the publishing, marketing, and launching adventures while you keep 100% of the net royalties to the book you worked so hard to complete.

We are here every step of the way to help you reach your author dreams, paying close attention to your authentic vision and goals to make them come to life. With design, publishing, marketing, and PR experts behind you, you’ll have everything you need to step into your author career with confidence and success.

We care about your book being released into the world as much as you do because we know the impact it can have. We simply take the guesswork out of the process to make it successful, so you can enjoy the incredible journey and become the author you always wanted to be. 

Ready to See if You’re a Candidate for DreamSpark Publishing?

Choose a package to get started or design your own based on your individual needs with the a la carte selections below.

The Basic Publishing Package

Custom Book Cover
Interior Formatting Design
Ebook + Paperback or Hardcover Creation & Distribution
Up to 2 ISBNs & US Copyright if applicable
100% Net Royalties Remain Yours


Healing the Survivors

The All-In Package

Full Manuscript Evaluation & Proofread
Custom Book Cover
Interior Formatting Design
Ebook/Paperback/Hardcover Creation & Distribution
Up to 3 ISBNs & US Copyright if applicable
Author Marketing Graphics
Marketing Consultation & Education
Best-Seller Launch Plan
10 Free Copies of Your Book
100% Net Royalties Remain Yours
Lifetime membership in the Soul Writer Journey community


Publishing A la Carte

Custom Cover Design- $1000

A customized cover based on your book market, theme, and vision.

Illustrated Cover- $1500

A customized illustrated cover, typically digitally illustrated and usually found more in fantasy or sci-fi books, but can be used in any genre dependent on vision.

Cover Revisions- $75

If any changes are made to a cover after you’ve signed off on the cover design or after publication, a $75 charge per revision will be made.
If a new cover is needed for the same book, it will be counted as a separate charge ($1000 for a custom cover, $1500 for an illustrated cover).

Print Publication & Distribution – $1000

Paperback or hardcover* creation, publication, formatting, and global print-on-demand distribution.
(Add additional paperback or hardcover selection for $500 more.)

ebook Publication & Distribution – $800

Ebook creation, formatting, publication, and global distribution through all major online book retailers.

Book Changes Post-Publication

Any changes to your book post-publication, including metadata, will be subjected to additional fees of $65 for up to 40 changes.
If you have more than 40 changes, or if the book changes so much that it requires the book to be re-formatted, the charges will be discussed at the time of request, but will be a minimum of $300.

Illustrations – $250 per illustrated page

Custom Graphics (tables, charts, etc) – $100 per graphic

Proofread- $25 per 1,000 words

Use Your Own Imprint/Publisher Name- $100

Copyright Registration- $100

Best-Seller Launch Plan + 2 Marketing Consults- $1,000

Luxury Marketing

You have the Burning Soul Press marketing team leading and organizing your book launch for one full month. The luxury marketing add-on includes 10 marketing graphics (if you designed your book cover with us), three meetings with our marketing team to discuss and prepare for the launch process, specific branding strategies, blog tour, and a best-seller launch and marketing plan.


Elite Public Relations (PR)

A PR manager is one of the best tools you can have in your pocket for success as an author. Working with Allison, our Burning Soul Press PR Manager, we will take your long-term author goals and pitch you to the right podcasts, interviews, news, and article opportunities to extend your reach and visibility for 3 months.*
*Only open to 5 clients at a time.


Audiobook Creation
Audiobook Creation

Burning Soul Press can assist you with the creation and publication of an audiobook, to be recorded by a trusted voice actor at a professional studio. It’s a smart way to reach new audiences and have your book in a format that provides an additional source of income.


Why choose us?
We help your book get published and marketed professionally so that your author dreams come true. 

Publishing & Marketing Specialists

You don’t have to do this venture alone. You receive a full team of professional specialists in your back pocket to support you in writing, revising, launching, marketing, and public relations (scope and service dependent on the package you choose) to ensure you receive the tools and knowledge you need so your long-term vision for your book and author career comes to life.

Exceptional Service &
Passionate Community

We are committed to exceptional service because as important as it is for your dream of writing and publishing a book to come true, there are also readers out there who NEED to hear your message—and we don’t take either part of that lightly. By publishing through Burning Soul Press, you will be brought into the family of passionate souls lit up for the book world with an unyielding desire to diversify stories to bridge people together.

Soul-Driven Clients

We only work with clients who have a powerful message they want to share with the world through their book (both fiction and nonfiction) that inspires empowerment, reform, new perspectives, enlightenment, hope, or love. We value the telling of raw stories to create true connections and foster a safe space for more people to share their personal stories, the peaks and valleys of their life, to bring to light the beauty that rises even out of the darkest places. 

Your Publishing Team

Lauren Eckhardt
Lauren Eckhardt
Taylor Harvey
Taylor Harvey
Lenora Henson
Lenora Henson
Claire Coffey
Public Relations
Allison Buehner
Julie Navickas

Ready to See if You’re a Candidate for DreamSpark Publishing?