Do you love bringing stories to life?
Do you always encourage others to write?
Do you crave meaningful work?
If so, have you thought about becoming a book coach?
Become a book coach in this 12-week masterclass that equips you with the knowledge, resources, and education you need to attract the right clients and help them take their stories from just an idea to a published book that they've always dreamed about writing. 

Do you love writing?

Are you passionate about bringing stories to life?

Are you searching for a way to help people while combining your love of writing and books?

The fact is that even some of the greatest writers have book coaches. Since writing is a lonely endeavor, it helps to have someone else cheering you on, walking beside you along the way, lighting your path when your next steps become too hard to see. A book coach becomes a writer's confidant, their go-to person for brainstorming, help, and guidance through every stage of the writing and publishing journey.

A book coach helps bring more stories into this world, making not only an impact on the writers, but all the readers of those books as well.

Welcome to the Soulful Book Coach Program. If you find that you love helping others write books as much as you enjoy writing them, this could be a perfect path for you.

What is a Book Coach?
A book coach is your personal guide through every stage of the writing process that authors may need help with. Whether for market research, planning, outlining, goal setting, time management, story development, publishing, or marketing, a book coach supports a writer's journey by providing valuable advice, critiques, accountability, and cheerleading to give them the confidence that their book is the best that it can be and help guide their path.

What is the program?
A comprehensive 12-week program that teaches you how to coach your clients through their writing journey, starting from shaping their initial idea all the way through successful publishing and marketing of their completed book. You'll learn how to work with fiction and nonfiction writers, both traditionally published-bound and self-publishing-bound so you can vary your coaching prices and packages based on what you know, enjoy working with, and excel in to best help your clients. The program also teaches you how to launch your book coaching business, market it, price your services, and attract clients.

Make a SOULFUL difference in the book world today
Learn how to help writers through the planning and writing stages to bring their idea to life with suggestions for time management and overcoming writer's block. 
Learn the most important editing approaches and how to ensure your client does what's needed so you can both be proud of the final result, setting them up for success. 
Traditional Publishing
Learn how to collaborate with literary agents, write synopsis letters and develop solid pitches to expand your reach as a coach.
Self Publishing
Learn the detailed self-publishing processes, options, plus the tricks and tips to help your clients reach best-seller status. 
Learn the key marketing tools and steps to launch your client's career plus how to coach them through advertising on social media, BookBub, and AMS. 
Client Acquisition
Learn how to find clients and "sell" your services without having to do much selling. 
Learn the coaching strategies that help your clients succeed while setting clear boundaries and encourage them to send more clients your way. 
Hands on training so you can be on both sides of book coaching and understand more of your client's needs and perspective. 
Turn ideas into stories and writers into authors
Option #1: 12-Week Masterclass 
Receive detailed training in writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and client acquisition so you can successfully coach your clients through every stage and be able to promote your services to the exact market you want to reach. You will also receive hands-on experience to gain perspective on both sides of the book coaching experience to strengthen your skills and make a larger impact on your clients. 
Option #2: 6-Month Mastermind
Optional Add-On to take your business to the next level. Receiving ongoing support with weekly live Mastermind coaching and training plus templates, resources, and educational tools to rebrand and provide your clients so you can get your business started immediately without having to create everything from scratch. This is ideal for those who want to go into book coaching full time with plans to scale their business. 
The investment
Choose the 12-Week masterclass to learn how to become a book coach for the early-bird price of $3,333 (price returns to $5,000 on July 9th). The program includes one lesson per week, practical assignments and examples, a private cohort community, and a group coaching call to explore the week's material in more depth and ask questions. You receive lifetime access to the information so you can review it whenever you would like.
 You also receive 12-week access to the Soul Writer's Mastermind program to have accountability to your writing goals and witness a membership model to determine if you want to add that to your business.

 If you plan to turn book coaching into your full-time business, the optional 6-Month Mastermind program will provide you with the tools (including templates and resources you can put your own branding on) and support to elevate your path so you can scale your business quicker. The 6-month program starts when the 12-week class ends and can be added on for an additional $5,567. 
The Return
There are over 6,000 books being written and published each day. The clients exist, and in the program, you will discover how to attract the ones aligned with you. A book coach can earn $60-$250 per hour with the average client package averaging between $3,000 - $18,000.  You can get your return on the program with one client package. 
If you are committed to taking your passions and turning them into a way to help other people, the Book Coach Masterclass is the perfect step down a brand new path. Only meant for those who are dedicated to learning all they can about writing and publishing to better help their clients become successful while launching a fulfilling, life-changing career. 

Ready to help bring more books into the world and change lives?
About Lauren Eckhardt

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning author, ghostwriter, and book coach at Burning Soul Press and the Executive Director of The Writing Champions Project. She has a history of working with creatives, helping them align with their passions and launch successful businesses as well as working with first-time writers and best-selling authors to guide them in achieving their writing goals. 
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