Your story. Your message.
Your mission. Your impact.
One book can change the world.

Shhh… do you hear that?

Is that a story burning within you?

Is it begging to be released to the world? Waiting for you to write every word, to bring it to life, to share all of its secrets, to get its message to those who need it the most?

Why do you keep it locked up? 

What’s holding you back from writing it and setting it free? 

Fear? Worry? Lack of confidence? Time? Writer’s block?

I get it. I’ve been there.  

Many of us have the urge to write a book, but most ignore it. We put “write a book” on our vision boards and announce it for our New Year’s resolutions—but little to no progress gets made.

We let uncertainty, self doubt, fear, distractions, lack of time, and a million other reasons stand in the way of fulfilling our soul’s truest calling.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You go through the motions of your day, dreaming about writing a book, but doubting if you have the time… 

You can’t shake a specific book idea, but you aren’t sure if people would be interested in what you have to say…

You are scared to call yourself a writer, let alone an author, because English class and the grammar police haunt you to this day…

With each book you read, you flip the pages as the urge stirs within you. You think maybe you can do this too… Someday…

And another year goes by… and someday doesn’t roll around. 

Except that it’s here… now. Right in front of you. Presenting you with the chance to finally do it.

Did you know that only 1% of people with a writing dream actually follow through with writing (and finishing) a book?

But that’s not YOU. If you’re here reading these words, you’re ready to do this.

Your soul is saying, “It’s time.”

A book can change a person’s life. Not only for you as the author, but for all the readers as well.

We believe that if an idea has come to you, it’s a privilege. There’s a reason for it, a reason why it chose you. Now it’s your duty to bring it to life.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

At Burning Soul Press, we offer two options to guide your writing and pull out the true story within.

Option #1: The Soul Writer Journey

Option #2: One-on-One Book Coaching
A Powerful Writing Community & Group coaching sessions

Looking for a transformative program while you write your book in an incredible community of writers who desire to make a big impact on this world? This is for you.

The Soul Writer Journey is a powerful group coaching program and engaging community led by the Burning Soul Press team. It not only teaches you how to write, publish, market, and launch your book but it also dives deep into your belief of what becoming an author looks like for your goals so you can make the biggest impact possible in this new journey. A unique twist on standard writing programs, the Soul Writer Framework is about embracing your identity as an author so you write books you’re proud to have surpass your time on earth.


Option #2: One-on-One Coaching Sessions

If you’re ready to complete your book fast and want the type of guidance that can only come from 1:1 sessions tailored to your needs and timeframe, 1:1 Book Coaching is for you.

Taylor Harvey
Taylor Harvey
One of our Book Coaches
Julie Navickas
Julie Navickas
One of our Book Coaches

Monthly 1:1 Book Coaching Plans
(Includes reading time for developmental critiques & feedback, weekly 1:1 sessions, accountability, plus unlimited Voxer access for plan timeframe)
1 month of book coaching – $1,200 
3 months of book coaching – $3,000
6 months of book coaching – $5,000

Hourly Plans
To be used for hours of 1:1 book coaching only
5 hours of 1:1 book coaching – $850

Book Review & Critique
(Up to first 20,000 words only): $550

Plans include weekly or hourly 1:1 sessions, unlimited Voxer access to ping your coach with questions, a timeline with milestones, plus tools, guides and access to The Soul Writer Journey membership— all dependent on the plan chosen.

Select Taylor if you’re writing a nonfiction or fiction book. Taylor is also a professional audiobook narrator, so if you are interested in narrating your own book, she would be an excellent guide to help you through the process!

Select Julie if you’re writing a fiction book, and especially if you struggle with balancing the time to write. Julie is a guru with time management and writing books despite the chaos of life! She’s the author of the trilogy, I Loved You Yesterday.

Or call us at 708-967-3282 to be connected with one of our Journey Coaches.


Is publishing included in this?

No, we will walk you through the different publishing options and help you choose the one that best fits your goals and vision. If you choose to go with Burning Soul Press, it will be a seamless transaction since we already know your vision and goals from working with you as you write your book. 

What’s the difference between book coaching and ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is essentially someone else writing your book for you. There are interviews so the writer can understand your voice, tone, stories, etc. and notes that you give the writer so they can compose your book.

A book coach gives you the tips and tricks to help you write your story. They’ll help you find the words and revise it as needed, but you ultimately write every single word, making it 100% your own.

Are refunds given?

Refunds can be given prior to the first day of coaching/ of your purchased service, but not after. We require a free discovery call with the coach of your choice before signing to the service to ensure the right connection and fit. We pour a lot of our time into coaching our clients to make sure they’re set up for success and will work to make sure every goal you set in the coaching process is reached, as long as you take the steps we outlines for you. When you sign up with BSP book coaching services, you’re not committing to us, you’re committing to your book and your success as an author.

What if I don’t know which option is best for me?

Schedule a call with one of our Journey Coaches and they’ll help you through!