Let’s talk about how to elevate your confidence as a writer.

Confidence is such an important factor in writing because it can be taxing on someone to share their words and ideas. Confidence is needed to anchor you to your purpose when it gets tough to find the right words, tough to share, tough to hear feedback, tough through all the natural highs and lows that comes with pursuing any dream.

So let’s hop into 7 things you can do to become a more confident writer.

Number 1: Declare yourself as a writer. Start announcing it to everyone you meet. When people say tell me about you, say, “I am a writer” and don’t shy away from it.
Once you start owning yourself as the writer that you are, you’ll feel the light change within you. So much of everything in life is mindset, and confidence is no exception.

This is the thing- if all your worst fears came true, if everything that holds you back from declaring you’re a writer comes true…. If you fail, if you have a book that people hate, whatever it is- does that no longer make you a writer? Does that no longer make you an author?

No, that doesn’t change anything. You’re still a writer. You know it. It burns with you. So be proud of it because there are many people who wish they could claim it too.

Number 2: Practice writing. Anything. Every single day, even if just 15 minutes. Every single word you write only makes you better. It doesn’t have to be your story. It can be a blog, a journal entry, a letter of deep sharing with a friend. The point is to write. To connect with how the words make you feel and how they can make the reader feel as well. Your words get better. Your words get stronger. You find your voice. That voice, once you learn what yours is and embrace it, will also carry you further than just about anything else.

Number 3: When in doubt, research the greats. Read about their personal journeys of any of your favorite writers or the classic authors. Research quotes. What you’ll discover is that everyone thinks at least one part, if not every part of the writing process, is terrible. They’ll all express doubt in themselves and their writing. You’re not alone.

Grant yourself grace in the misery and remember that the reward, that release that accomplishment is right around the corner.

Number 4: Learn what you can when you can. Read every chance you get. That’s the best education. Also Follow writing blogs. Watch craft YouTube videos. Buy books. Register for a writing program. Improve your writing every chance you can. You know what areas you’re the weakest in. Get a plan in place for what you need to learn more about. Focus on those for your improvements. You’ll see your writing get better the more you learn, and confidence follows.

Just remember, there’s no such things as perfectionism in writing. It’ll never be perfect. There are always going to be things that you can make better. It’s just part of it. Don’t wait to become an author until things are perfect because it’ll never happen.

Number 5: Set goals and reach them. What better way to gain confidence than to see yourself constantly making great strides in what you’re the passionate about? Make sure that you set goals in a way that truly challenges you and pushes you out of your comfort zone. There has to be growth and that comes with achievement.

Writing and finishing a book will be one of the first times you can get that confidence. It may not be right away, but it’s proving to yourself that you’ve been able to do that.

Number 6: Start sharing your writing with other people. One of the hardest things as a new writer (and an experienced) is sharing our writing. If you don’t open up your writing for feedback, you can’t make it better.

You won’t become a better writer until someone else helps you get better. It’s as simple as that. What I mean is that you gain more perspective on how you’re writing and what your story looks like. It’s like life, we learn the most from working with other people. We see how our words impact them. How our lens shifts. It’s the same thing with writing.

Number 7: Actively start trying to get paid for your writing. Enter contests, submit articles to various platforms that have a payout structure. Medium.com, for example, is a great place to submit articles and build up a reader platform. Validation helps confidence, and knowing you’re getting paid for your writing is one of the best confidence boosters.

Are you ever going to feel 100% sure about your writing? Maybe temporarily at times.
Writing, stories—what are they? They’re reflections of life. Does anyone go through life 100% confident? No. Not at all. There are times they feel it, times they don’t. It ebbs and flows and the confidence in your writing and who you are as a writer will mirror that.

The cool part about writing is that everything is documented. You can actually measure how far you’ve come.

If you want more help to becoming a confident writer, be sure to check out our Writing for Success Mastermind where we help you with that confidence every step of the way.