“Most people know what a story is… until they sit down to write one.”

-Flannery O’Connor

Learn How to Turn Blank Pages into a Completed Book and Launch Your Author Career with Confidence. 









Writing a book sounds easy… until you sit down to do it.


The questions roll in, clouding your vision while you sit at the computer with fingers frozen in the air, as the dreaded doubt monster clenches its jaws… 

How do I get started?

How do I stay motivated?

Do I self publish or traditionally publish?

Does this sound okay?

What do I do next? 

What if no one likes my story?

What if I fail? 

Writing can be a lonely venture that’s plagued with more questions than answers. It’s easy to give up and walk away, letting go of your dream of being an author— and an unfinished story that stays locked away.

You don’t have to let that happen to you. 

If you have a dream to write a book, there’s a reason for that dream. Roadblocks, obstacles, and self doubt exist in every new journey. They’re no reason to turn away. Especially when help is available to walk you through every step and give you the confidence you deserve. Go from staring at blank pages with a blinking cursor to holding a completed book that has your name on it, becoming the author you knew you could be.


Imagine for a moment: 


What if you had a safe and knowledgeable guide to turn to for all of your writing questions?


How much would you grow as an author if you were able to share your writing with trusted people who provide you with honest, unbiased feedback? 


Would your confidence soar if you worked closely with the guidance and expertise of book coaches who know the details of every path you’re about to venture down?


How much time would you save getting step-by-step instructions delivered to you instead of searching the endless and unreliable web?


How much more productive would you be if you had a community holding you accountable to your writing goals?


What level of success could you reach if you were handed the tips and tricks that 40+ self-published authors have used to hit the best-seller lists on Amazon?


If you’re ready to become an author, there’s a place you can turn to for all your answers, support, and step-by-step guidance through every stage of your writing journey. The Writing for Success Mastermind program brings Storytelling plus Author Strategy together in a powerful community of dedicated and knowledgeable writers. Our members receive step-by-step education, checklists, and coaching to help reach their goals and bring their author vision to life.

Whether you’re writing your first book or your eighth, fiction or nonfiction, whether you’re traditionally publishing or self-publishing, the Writing for Success Mastermind will take your author career to the next level.

With an exclusive vault of education and checklists, weekly lessons, open coaching forums, expert speakers, writing sprints, and more, everything you need to unlock your career as a best-selling author is at your fingertips.


We walk aspiring writers with a desire to publish a book through the writing process to raise their confidence in the steps it takes to bring their story idea to fruition and successfully launch their author career.

What You Receive:

  • Clarity: Get your story idea fully flushed out in a way that makes sense to your readers and conveys exactly what you hoped it would.
  • Storytelling instruction so you learn exactly how to captivate your readers and make the impact you desire.  
  • Understanding of the significance of each decision in the process and the impact it has on your goals, so you can make the right choices that align with your vision.
  • A Personalized Plan: Know exactly what you need to do to and how to do it to reach your target audience and sell your books based on market information.
  • Step-By-Step Instructions and Checklists: So you know you’re not missing anything important in the path to publishing.
  • Two expert coaches with a combined 20+ years in the world of writing and publishing, guiding you so you don’t waste your time.
  • Confidence that you’re becoming the writer you’ve always wanted to be and launching the author career you’ve always dreamed about.

Goal Setting & Time Management Tips & Tricks

What are your author dreams? Let us know your goals and we will help you reach them. With writing sprints, motivation, and time management tips, you’ll write and complete your book in the time frame you set out to reach.

Personalized Coaching

Every writer’s journey varies based on the type of book they write. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all plan. That’s why we have two author strategy experts who work with each of our members to develop a personalized plan for their specific goals and target market.

Support Community of New & Expert Writers

 No one understands a writer like another writer. When you join the mastermind, you are immediately welcomed into a community of other passionate writers who all desire to become authors someday. We uplift and support each other through every step of the writing journey. 


Access to a Packed Member Vault

Get immediate access to an ongoing growing vault of storytelling + author strategy resources.  From building your author platform before you write your first word to marketing your book once it’s published, get the step-by-step checklists, education and coaching you need to at every stage of the journey and learn the tips to reach best selling status.

The Writing for Success Mastermind can help you take charge of your author career and put confidence in every step.

What’s your dream?

Writing an Unforgettable Book

At the end of the day, one of the most beneficial things you can do to help your writing career is to have a great product. When you’ve got a book that your readers can’t put down, you’re guaranteeing recommendations via word-of-mouth, organic shares on social networks, high-quality reviews, and a vibrant fan base who will be clamoring for your next book.

In the Mastermind, you will learn: 

  • How to make your book a page-turner.
  • How to create deep, compelling characters.
  • How to deliver an emotionally impactful theme.
  • How to hook the reader from the first page.
  • How to outline a book.
  • When structure should be used and when it should be ignored.
  • How to keep your reader from putting down your book.
  • How to write a villain your readers love to hate.
  • How to get your readers attached to your characters and their struggles.
  • How to get your readers to beg for your next book.


Did You Know

There are 48 million books for sale on Amazon.

A new book is published every 3 minutes.

 Maybe you’ve heard writing a book is easy. Maybe you’ve heard publishing through KDP for Amazon is easy.

Then you do it… annnnddd sound the crickets. No one is buying your book. You’re not the best seller author you dreamed about being. Your book is 1 in 48 million. The needle in a haystack scenario just became real. 

Don’t let that happen. Your story is much too valuable to get lost and buried. 

Too many authors make simple missteps because they don’t know any better. They don’t understand the long-term effects of each decision they make. They spend time researching answers but aren’t getting the right answers that make a difference based on the type of book they’re writing. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all book plan. Personalization is key.

Whether self-publishing or traditionally publishing, to sell your books anywhere, there are certain elements that must be in play, which is why we discuss important topics in the Writing for Success Mastermind such as:

  • How to plan and outline your book.
  • Writing process tips and tricks (like how to write a book in 30 days, great for rapid release strategies).
  • Writing sprints and motivation.
  • Editing, proofreading, beta readers and ARC guidance.
  • How to choose the right and legally safe cover design.
  • How to format your book in the easiest and quickest ways.
  • What it means to go wide vs. be exclusive and the risks of each.
  • The steps you must take before publishing.
  • Genre and category tricks to launch your book to a best seller.
  • Step-by-step publishing expertise.
  • Marketing plans and checklists.
  • and so much more.

We want to take the guesswork out of the steps that lead to launching a successful author career. By following the education and processes outlined in the Mastermind, your writing dreams can come true.


Writing for Success

The Mastermind Benefits

  • 24/7 available education, checklists, and more to help you build a successful writing business through all stages of the journey: from planning, storytelling, development, editing, design, publishing, marketing, and more.
  • An open forum to get your personalized questions answered anytime you have them.
  • A one-stop shop for all the information you need to become a successful author.
  • Tips for building your author platform and the marketing strategies that work best for your genre.
  • Mindset and strategy coaching to gain confidence for pivoting when roadblocks occur. 
  • Writing sprints and challenges for motivation and momentum.
  • Weekly hot seat coaching calls with lessons to answer your questions.
  • Weekly critique opportunities. 
  • Time management and goal setting guidance. 
  • Caring community support of dedicated writers cheering you on. 
  • Discounts on writing services and tools.

Your Instructors

Storytelling Meets Author Strategy

Lauren Eckhardt

Author / Ghostwriter / Publisher

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning Young Adult and Women’s Fiction author and memoir ghostwriter, who has a particular love for writing stories centered on second chances in life and the self-strengthening journeys of the characters through them. Lauren is the Executive Director of The Writing Champions Project and loves to cook, read, travel, boulder and try her hand in whatever creative outlet she can.

Ross Hartmann

Storytelling / Writing Craft Expert

Ross Hartmann is the creative director at Kiingo, a storytelling school dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles of successful storytelling. He’s also the Author Education Chair at The Writing Champions Project. His hobbies include writing, analyzing movies and screenplays, creating endless vocabulary lists, and trying to figure out what makes a great story. He’s currently writing a book about the storytelling tools used by the most successful storytellers. 

It’s time to invest in your dreams.

Why Choose a Mastermind?

The Writing Mastermind provides you with more flexibility and information than any other program. You’re getting the same education as you would in a self-study course, PLUS personalized coaching by writing and author strategy experts so you’re guided through each step, AND an amazing community of passionate writers supporting and helping each other along the way.

The average writing craft course that teaches you the art of storytelling costs $750.

The average author business strategy course that walks you through story development to publishing costs $999. 

The average book coach costs $80-$100 per hour. 

In this Writing Mastermind, you receive storytelling WITH author strategy PLUS personalized coaching for less than the price of one course.

Don’t Settle For Less 


Ready to Launch Your Author Career?


You Don’t Have to Do this Alone

Writing can be a lonely endeavor, but with the Mastermind program, you gain a personal support system. We want nothing more than for you to succeed and as a community, we work together to make sure no one fails and that it brings all our dreams to fruition. We are people helping each other; such a simple concept that can change our lives— and the world, while filling it with amazing stories that last forever.

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