About Burning Soul Press

Founded in 2020 by Lauren Eckhardt, Burning Soul Press LLC serves everyone who has a story to share by helping them raise their words with confidence and opportunities.
As a hybrid publisher, we specialize in book coaching, writing courses, memoir ghostwriting, and publishing.

Burning Soul comes from the title of one of Lauren’s first story collections that she wrote when she was only nine years old, using it to describe the hidden emotional state of people everywhere. It has stuck ever since, now describing the passionate creative souls who are lit up for their ultimate purpose in life.

Burning Soul Press provides guidance, coaching, inspiration, motivation, support, and solutions to help passionate people share their natural gifts and stories with the world. We take pride in helping people through every stage of their writing journey from planning to writing to publishing to marketing.

 Feel free to send us a message at hello@burningsoulpress.com for more information.

Lauren Eckhardt

Author / Ghostwriter / Publisher

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning Young Adult and Women’s Fiction author and memoir ghostwriter, who has a particular love of writing stories centered on second chances in life and the self-strengthening journeys of the characters through them. Lauren is the Executive Director of The Writing Champions Project and loves to cook, read, travel, boulder and try her hand in whatever creative outlet she can.

Ross Hartmann

Storytelling / Writing Craft Expert

Ross Hartmann is the creative director at Kiingo, a storytelling school dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles of successful storytelling. He’s also the Author Education Chair at The Writing Champions Project. His hobbies include writing, analyzing movies and screenplays, creating endless vocabulary lists, and trying to figure out what makes a great story. He’s currently writing a book about the storytelling tools used by the most successful storytellers. 

Deb Clark

Freelance Editor

Profile coming soon

Our Services

Memoir Ghostwriting

Have you wanted to write a memoir but you don’t have the time or interest in sitting down to write every word?  Ghostwriting or coauthoring may be the perfect solution for you. 

Writing Mastermind

Do you have the desire to write a book, but aren’t sure how to get started, how to finish it, or what to do when it’s completed? Want a one-stop shop to get all of your questions answered? This program is for you.  

Author Services

As an indie small press publisher, we can get your book on the market as an ebook, paperback, and/or audiobook. All we need is your completed manuscript and we can work with you on the rest.  


Side Hustle Course

 Do you want to learn how to take your passion and start an online business?  Check out this self-study course that walks you through the steps to launch one successfully, even if you’re starting with nothing.

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